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the plank by (Morgan Phillips)

Trails by (kzhylenkova)
Anonymous asked:

I'm good. Life can be fair sometimes :)

It can, it can :)

earthandanimals asked:

Jason you should know by now that you're just an ass.. no matter what you say or don't say. *eye roll* I still like you though so fuck everyone.

Haha yep! Someone’s always gonna be offended no matter what you say so :|

Untitled | by: { 19thirty1storytime } 
acuciante asked:

There's a big difference in been honest and rude. People need to chill out.

true. i don’t even know what they’re referring too haha :|

Anonymous asked:

Why are you so rude and mean?

i don’t give a fuck :)


Untitled by (chaseblood)
Anonymous asked:

You're really rude wtf

true :) 

Anonymous asked:

Hey mate how are you?

Hey! I’m pretty good thanks and you?

Newport Beach | by: { michaelarg } 

Untitled by (tpainter)
Iceland | by: { Kai i Soh }

Boardman State Park
Oregon, USA | by Larry Andreasan

Our Galaxy over Queenstown by Trey Ratcliff